Mature Thai Escorts: Grandmother Oon

Mature Thai Escorts: Grandmother Oon

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand.
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Mature Escort: Oon

Mature Thai Escorts Grandmother Oon✅ Pictures Verified!

About Oon

Hello, Swadi Ka, and Kon'nichi wa! My name is Oon. I am a talented multi-lingual lady who can also speak English, Japanese, and Thai. I can also do many other talented things with my tongue. I'd like very much to show you those things as mature women are much more experienced and know how to take care of a man.

I'm older than most escorts and am perfect for men looking for a more mature lady. I exercise and keep in great shape so while I am older than most escorts, I'm in better shape than most. And just like a fine wine, some things get better with age as I'd like to show you.

I am available for short-time fun or I can join you for your entire holiday. I have discounted multi-day rates which are very good as I really like spending long time with you and I am very good at that.

Oon's Location

Bangkok, TH